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The maximum cards catalog is structured chronologically according to the year of issue.
Each new stamp series is preceded by displaying:


Below you will find the maximum cards that are known to date for this specific emission.
You will see that many different variants have often been found with the same stamp as a starting point.
The search for new maximum cards can then continue for a long time because  
over the years several collectors have been busy making maximum cards.

As additional information, special stamps or theme cards are sometimes shown
that clearly have a relationship with the stamp series.

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 Catalog maximum cards Netherlands 1898 - 1952® 

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Catalog maximum cards published to 2008 by the 
Dutch Association for Children Charity stamps and Maximaphily VKM 

Catalog maximum cards published from 2009 by the 
Dutch Association for Children Charity stamps and Maximaphily VKM 

Catalog maximum cards Children Charity stamps VHK Netherlands 1928 to 1987 

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Catalog maximum cards Children Charity stamps VHK Netherlands from 2015

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